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A glory to the figure 8.

This very limited series with only 8 numbered timepieces is a very great tribute to the figure 8, the white or rose golden figure 18 carats is centered on the dial the magnificent buckle of which hands, by their movement, finalize characterizing this figure. These some numbered timepiece crystallize around them an impressive number of figure 8 :

- 8 timepieces only all over the world
- 88 grams of white or rose gold 18 carats
- 8 carats diamond
- Golden figure 8 in 18 carats in the center of the dial
- Symbol " ba " on the dial and on the crown
- 8 months of achievement

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Massive, impressive, gigantic, are superlative degrees which suit perfectly to this new watch, as to well as an elephant!
Furthermore, the bracelet coming to advance above the case as two horns to protect the timepiece, that's why, quite naturally that its name of baptism was this one!

Elephant System® (World Premiere) :

The double brackets which operate as bracelet clasps give to this collection and specifically to the Circus version a strong personality. It is simple and pleasing to loosen the bracket button with a quater turn, sliding the bracelet through the bracket before refastening, you simply have to pull the bracelet down to lock the button, and the watch is safe on your wrist!

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CACHEUX Haute-Horlogerie has a Research Lab to go beyond the horological limits.

This Concept-Watch Cathedrale is an example of our research.

Others are coming soon!

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Cacheux Cathedrale
CACHEUX Elephant Circus / Rose Gold
CACHEUX Elephant Circus
Cacheux Cathedrale
CACHEUX Elephant
CACHEUX 8 / White Gold
CACHEUX Elephant
CACHEUX Silver Arrow
CACHEUX Elephant Circus / White Gold
Fabien Cacheux


Throughout his childhood Fabien Cacheux drew watches in the margins of his exercise books, until his design studies later in life allowed him to deepen his explorations into the world of the watchmaker.

Cacheux qualified as a designer at the head of his cohort in 1998, and steered himself towards the design of luxury goods, notably eye-wear and, clearly, luxury watches.

He was at the centre of one of France's leading sunglasses and frame manufacturers and played a role in the design of Tag-Heuer Sport-Vision frames, and he worked at the same level with l'Oréal and the jewellery maker Fred.

He has a devoted admiration for beautiful objects; designed and created with infinite care, but above all the objects which have a soul; luxury watch-making fascinated him with its exceptional beauty, down to the most minute detail, and the 'savoir-faire' of its world.

In 2010 he designed the concept watch Galibier GT which he decided to publish in watch-making and design blogs, and the successes of this one and following Concepts Watches in worldwide magazines or web sites (from country such as: Russia, China, Spain, Great Britain, Roumania, the United States, etc.) created real fireworks. The CACHEUX Haute-Horlogerie company is born.​​

Luxury, a family history :​

At her vineyard, his great grandmother Georgina Cacheux produced the Champagne 'Perinet-Cacheux' from the 1920's with her husband, and the production has continued in the family, although the name has changed, ever since. In order to bring back the name of 'Perinet-Cacheux' Fabien has recovered the label of the first vintage from the 1920s and will henceforward offer a slice of this family luxury to all his clients.